Zoning Code | Land Uses

Abstractors and Title Insurance Companies
Accessory Uses and Buildings, Including Storage Buildings Uses are permitted only by conditional use permit
Accounting, Auditing and Bookkeeping Services
Acoustical Material Storage (except aterial containing asbestos)
Additional Structures Necessary for the Continuance of the Farming Operation
Advertising Display Manufacturing Signs
Agriculture Beekeeping; commercial feedlots; dairying; egg production; floriculture; fish or fur farming; forest and game management; grazing; livestock raising; orchards; plant greenhouses and nurseries; poultry raising; raising of grain, grass, mint and seed crops; raising of fruits, nuts and berries; sod farming; placing land in federal programs in return for payments in kind; owning land, at least 35 acres of which is enrolled in the conservation reserve program under 16 U.S.C. §§ 3831 to 3836; participating in the milk production termination program under 7 U.S.C. § 1446(d); and vegetable raising.
Agriculture Implements, Sales and Service
Agriculture, Forestry, General Farming and Livestock Raising
Air-Conditioning Equipment, Custom Fabrication and Installation
Airplane, Repair and Storage
Airplane, Repair and Storage
Airport Any area of land or water which is used or intended for use for the landing and taking off of aircraft, and any appurtenant areas which are used or intended for use for airport buildings or other airport facilities or rights-of-way, including all necessary taxiways, aircraft storage and tie-down areas, hangars and other necessary buildings and open spaces.
Allowance for vinyl and/or aluminum siding. Permitted only by conditional use permit.
Ambulance Service Garage
Amusement and Recreation Services, not Elsewhere Classified
Amusement Arcades
Amusement Parks
Animal Boarding
Animal Breeding (Pets)
Antique Sales
Any of the permitted or conditional-uses noted in a nonsewered area.
Apparel and Accessory Stores, Miscellaneous
Appliance Dealers
Appliance Sales and Repair
Arboreta and Botanical or Zoological Gardens
Architects' Materials and Supplies
Armored Car Service Garage
Army and Navy Good Sales
Art Gallery, Commerical Sales
Art Gallery; Studio
Art Schools, Commercial
Artificial Flower Manufacturing
Artificial Limbs Manufacturing
Artificial Limbs Sales and Service
Artists' Materials and Supplies
Artists, Commercial and Display
Asbestos Products, Storeage and Sale
Asphalt Siding, Shingles, Roofing, Storage
Assembly Halls
Athletic Fields
Auto and Home Supply Stores
Automobiles and Light Trucks (Outdoor Sales Lots, Parking, Rentals (Garage), Sales from Outdoor Lots. Storage)
Automobiles and Light Trucks, Repair and Service
Automobiles, Parts and Supplies
Automotive Dealers (not elsewhere classified)
Bakers and Baked Goods, Manufacturing
Bakery Goods Stores
Bank and Financial Institutions (without drive-through) See § 135-193B(2).
Barbers' Supplies, Distributors and Dealers
Baseball Parks, Private
Bathroom Accessories Display and Sales
Battery Service
Beauty Culture Schools
Beauty Shop Equipment Sales
Beauty Shops
Bed-and-Breakfast Establisment Any place of lodging that provides two or fewer rooms for rent for more than 10 nights in a twelve-month period, is the owner's personal residence, is occupied by the owner at the time of rental and in which the only meal served to guests is breakfast. The maximum stay of any one guest shall not exceed seven days per stay.
Beer and Ale Distributors, Wholesale and Storage
Belting, Repairing
Beverages, Bottling
Beverages, Wholesale and Storage
Bicycle Sales and Repair
Blood Banks
Boardwalk, Amusement, Commercial
Boat Dealers
Boat, Pleasure, Storage
Boilers Sales
Bonding Companies
Book Publishing Offices
Book Publishing, Printing
Bottles, Wholesale
Bowling Alleys and Billiard and Pool Establishments
Braces, Orthopedic Sales
Braces, Orthopedic, Manufacturing
Bridal Stores
Broadcasting Studios
Brokerage Houses
Brushes, Sales
Building Contractors, Equipment and Material Storage
Building Material, Wholesale and Storage
Burglar Alarm System, Installation
Bus Depots
Bus Lines Stops, Garages, Repair
Business Machine Sales and Service Centers
Business Machines, Distribution and Sales
Business Machines, Repair and Service, Storage and Wholesale
Business Services, not elsewhere classified
Butchers' Supplies, Sales
Cabinet Makers
Cafes (Restaurants Only)
Camera Shops
Candy Shops (retail)
Candy, Wholesale Distribution
Canvas Goods (Fabrication)
Canvas Goods, Sales
Car Washes
Care Giver Support Center
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Carpet, Rug, and Drapery Stores
Caskets Manufacturing
Caskets, Retail Sales
Chairs, Physiotherapy Sales
China and Glassware Stores
Cigars, Manufacturing, Custom Hand-Rolled
Cigars, Manufacturing, Custom Hand-Rolled
Cigars, Wholesale and Storage
Civic, School and Fraternal organizations
Cleaning and Maintenance Services to Dwellings and other Buildings, not Elsewhere Classified
Clinics (Medical or Dental) An organization of specializing physicians or dentists, or both, who have their offices in a common building. A clinic shall not include inpatient care.
Clock Factory
Clothing Repair Shops
Clothing, Retail
Clothing, Wholesale and Distribution
Clubs, Private, Social or Fraternal
Clubs, Supper and Amusement
Coffee Shops
Coffee, Wholesale and Storage
Coin Dealers
Coin Machines, Rental and Service
Coin-Operated Amusement Devices
Cold Storage
Colleges and Universities
Commercial Feedlots An agriculture enterprise where livestock is purchased and raised and then sold to a buyer, feedlot or slaughterhouse.
Commercial Testing Laboratories
Communication Devices; Satellite Dish Antennas less than 12 Feet in Diameter
Community Center A building to be used as a place of meeting, recreation or social activity and not operated for profit.
Community Living Arrangement (CLA) Any of the following facilities licensed or operated or permitted under the authority of the State Department of Health and Family Services [W.S.A. s. 46.03(22)]: child welfare agencies under W.S.A. s. 48.60, group homes for children under W.S.A. s. 48.02(7), and community-based residential facilities under W.S.A. s. 50.01; but does not include day-care centers, nursing homes, general hospitals, special hospitals, prisons and jails.
Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF) A place where three or more unrelated adults reside, in which care, treatment or services above the level of room and board, but not including nursing care, are provided to persons residing in the facility as a primary function of the facility and licensed by the Department of Health and Family Services under W.S.A. s. 50.01.
Computer Data Processing Services
Condominium Homes
Confectioners, Wholesale
Conservation Subdivision Plats Conservation Subdivision Plats having a minimum of fifty-percent open space, of which at least 25% must be outside of environmentally sensitive areas, as described in the Ledgeview Subdivision Ordinance.[1] Stormwater management facilities, group on-site private wastewater treatment system absorption fields, and other public facilities may be located within the 25% of land outside of environmentally sensitive areas.
Construction and Installation Facilities for the use of Communications
Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies, Mercantile Reporting Agencies and Adjustment Agencies
Convenience Store
Copy and Duplicating Services
Corsets and Brassieres, Manufacturing
Costume Rental Shops
Cotton Seed Products, Storage
Craft Shops (including jewelry, metal, and leather)
Credit Reporting Bureaus
Credit Unions
Dairy Product Stores
Dance Instruction
Day-care Center
Department Store Warehouse
Department Stores
Desk, Sales.
Desks Manufacturing
Detective Agencies
Diaper Service
Diesel Engines Service, Equipment and Supplies (not manufacturing)
Display Designers and Builders' Shops
Distillers, Distribution, Warehouse
Distribution Lines, Telephone and Cable Television Lines and Public Utility Installations, Public Streets, Street Rights-of-Way and Street Improvements to Service the Area
Doors, Sash and Trim, Manufacturing
Draperies, Manufacturing
Draperies, Sales
Drawing Materials, Sales
Dressmakers, Custom
Drive-In Motion-Picture Theaters
Drive-Through Uses Uses are permitted only by conditional use permit.
Driving Schools, Auto
Drugs, Wholesale Storage
Dry Cleaning
Dry Goods, Wholesale or Storage
Dry-Cleaning Establishment (depot only)
Dry-Cleaning Establishment, Bulk Processing
Dwelling, Multiple-Family A building or portion thereof containing three or more dwelling units.
Dwelling, Single-Family A building designed for and occupied exclusively by one family
Dwelling, Two-Family A building designed for and occupied exclusively by two families.
Dwellings existing as of the date of adoption of Ordinance No. 2007-010
Eggs, Storage and Processing
Electric Contractors' Shops
Electric Equipment Sales
Electric Equipment, Assembly
Electric Plating
Electric Refrigeration Lockers
Electrical and Electronic Repair Shops, not elsewhere classified
Electrical Appliances, Manufacturing
Electrical Appliances, Wholesale
Electrical Showrooms and Shops
Electrical Work
Electronic Store
Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High Schools Public, parochial and private elementary and junior high and senior high schools
Employment Agencies
Enameling and Painting, Custom
Engineering, Architectural and Surveying Services
Entertainment Bureaus
Equipment Rental and Leasing Services
ESAs (Environmentally Sensitive Areas)
Exhibition Buildings
Express Companies, Warehouses
Family Swimming Pools, Gazebos, Fences, Decks and Hot Tubs
Farm Implements and Machinery Sales
Farmers Market An occasional or periodic market held in an open area or in a structure where groups of individual sellers offer for sale to the public such items as fresh produce, seasonal fruits, fresh flowers, arts and crafts items, and food and beverages (but not to include secondhand goods) dispensed from booths located on-site.
Feed Stores
Fences, Metal, Wholesale Storage
Film Processing Establishments
Filters, Fabrication
Finance Companies, Loan Offices
Fire and Police Stations, Post Offices, Armories and Other Governmental Facilities
Fish Hatcheries
Fixed Facilities and Services related to Air Transportation
Flags and Banners, Manufacturing
Floor Covering Retail Sales and Installation Service
Floor Covering Wholesale Sales
Florists (not greenhouse)
Food Products, Warehouse
Food Stores
Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners
Freight Forwarders, Warehouse
Freight Forwarding
Frozen Foods, Wholesale Storage and Distribution
Fruit and Produce Stands
Fruit Stores and Vegetable Markets
Funeral Homes
Funeral Service and Crematories
Fur Warehouse
Furnaces, Cleaning and Repairing Shops
Furniture, Cleaners
Furniture, Home Furnishings and Equipment Display and Sales
Furniture, Repairing and Refinishing
Furniture, Wholesale and Storage
Furriers and Fur Shops
Garage Repair
Garage, Private An accessory to the main building, which provides for the storage of motor vehicles and in which no occupation, business or service for profit is carried on.
Garage, Public and Storage Any building or premises, other than a private garage, where motor-driven vehicles are equipped, repaired, serviced, hired, sold or stored.
Garment Factory
Gas Station (Service Station)
Gift Shops
Glass and Glazing Work
Golf Course Driving Range
Golf Courses and Golf Driving Ranges
Golf, Miniature
Governmental Structures other than Fire Stations, Police Stations and Post Offices
Gravel Pits, Sand Pits and Stone Quarries
Greenhouses, Hatcheries, Nurseries, Orchards, Riding Academies, Stables, Truck Farming, Game Farms, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Game Preserves and Exotic Animals
Grocers, Warehouse
Grocers, Wholesale
Grocery Stores
Guns, Sales and Repair
Halls, Commercial
Hardware, Commercial
Hardware, Retail Sales, New and Used
Hat Manufacturing, Cloth
Health Food Products, Sales
Heating and Ventilating Apparatus, Sales and Showroom
Heating and Ventilating, Apparatus Assembly and Storage
Heavy Machinery Sales and Service
Hobby Shops
Hoists, Equipment Storage
Hosiery Manufacturing
Hospitals, Sanitariums, Nursing Homes and Clinics An institution providing primary health services and medical or surgical care to persons, primarily inpatients, suffering from illness, disease, injury, deformity and other abnormal physical or mental conditions and including, as an integral part of the institution, related facilities, such as laboratories, outpatient facilities, training facilities, medical offices and staff residences.
Hotel A building in which lodging, with or without meals, is offered to transient guests for compensation and in which there are more than five sleeping rooms, with or without cooking facilities in any individual room or apartment.
Hotel Equipment, Assembly and Custom Fabrication
Hotel Equipment, Supplies and Sales
Hunting, Trapping and Fishing where not Otherwise Prohibited
Hydraulic Equipment Sales and Service
Ice Cream Manufacturing
Ice Cream Shops (without drive-through)
Ice Skating Rinks (Indoor Commercial)
Ice Storage, Retail Distributor
Imported Goods, Retail Sales
Imported Goods, Warehouse
Industrial Launderers
Insecticides, Storage and Distribution
Insulation Materials, Storage and Distribution
Insurance Agents, Brokers and Service
Interior Decorator, Workshops
Interior Decorators, Display and Sales
Iron, Custom Decorative Wrought Iron Shops
Irrigation Companies and Equipment
Janitors' Supplies, Storage and Warehouse
Jewelers and Clocks, Retail Sales/Custom Manufacturing and Repair
Jewelers, Bulk Manufacturing
Key Shops
Knit Goods, Manufacturing
Labor Unions and Similar Labor Organizations
Labs (e.g., Medical, Dental)
Ladies' Wear Manufacturing
Landscape Consulting and Planning
Laundries (Self Service)
Laundry Equipment and Supplies Storage
Lawn and Garden Supply, Seed and Plant Stores
Lawn Furniture, Sales
Lawn Mower Sales, Repair and Shops
Lawyers and Legal Services
Leather Goods, Fabrication
Leather Goods, Sales