Zoning Code | Document

The Town of Ledgeview's zoning code is chapter 135 of the municipal code and is organized in articles described below. The entire municipal code is posted online with eCode360©. Click on the article title to open.

Article I. Title, authority, adoption

Article II. Intent, purpose and severability

Article III. Definitions and Word Usage

Article IV. General Provisions

Article V. R-1 Residential District

Article VI. (Reserved)

Article VII. R-2 Residential District

Article VIII. R-3 Mutiple-Family District

Article IX. R-R Rural Residential District

Article X. A-1 Exclusive Agriculture District

Article XI. A-2 Agriculture District

Article XII. Planned Development District Overlay (PDD)

Article XIII. I-1 Institutional District

Article XIV. B-1 Business District

Article XV. B-2 Business District

Article XVI. (Reserved)

Article XVII. LI Light Industrial District

Article XVIII. HI Heavy Industrial District

Article XIX. C-1 Conservancy District

Article XX. NCD Neighborhood Center District

Article XXI. Off-Street Parking Requirements

Article XXII. (Reserved)

Article XXIII. (Reserved)

Article XXIV. Man-Made Bodies of Water

Article XXV. Telecommunications Antennas and Towers

Article XXVI. Administration and Enforcement

Article XXVII. Official Zoning Map

Article XXVIII. PDD-BP Planned Development District - Business Park

Article XXIX. Conditional Use Permits for Large Wind-Energy Facility